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Transforming myriad window & exterior cleaning services into a concise servicebooking flow.

a mockup of a person using an app & desktop versions of the same interface
If you're booking home services on 2 or more devices, this is your sign: take a vacation


Window Gang is a premium window cleaning & home service franchise with stores across the Southeast.  They provide a litany of services related to exterior & interior window cleaning, in addition to a handful of other home maintenance & seasonal services.   

This project was undertaken as part of the total value that Stable Genius Creative Marketing provides for WindowGang.  As a part of the SGCM team my role in this project was to analyze & test the existing booking flow to uncover pain points. Then to redesign & prototype a new booking portal.


While some of their services are priced as a flat rate, most of their primary services require an estimate. In addition, Window Gang offers various package cleaning options in the booking process. This adds a level of complexity to their booking flow for some online users, the result of which is often overburdened call centers & abandoned shopping carts.

I found in testing of the existing layout that users experienced friction during booking where item’s were priced as zero dollar items because they required estimates. Additionally, mobile user’s expressed overwhelm regarding the myriad services available to them, when going through the booking process.


Based on research & testing of the site, I had two primary goals in this redesign:
1 make it simple; walk the user through each step
2 consolidate applicable areas of service to reduce user overwhelm.

Design Process

During ideation, I took a heuristic approach to research; observing the flows & patterns used by competitors as well as larger entities in the home improvement sector. This provided me with valuable insights on how I might add simplicity to the WindowGang booking portal.

After sketching wireframes, I moved forward with creating a functional “happy” booking path prototype in Figma. I was able to take full advantage of Window Gang's well developed brand guidelines, to create an elevated booking portal that still felt native to the brand.


With a completed prototype of the happy path, I was able to test with multiple users. Demographically they were made up of home owners, of various genders, ranging in age from their early 30’s to 50’s. Users were able to complete booking within 1 to 2 minutes during testing.

Further work will need to be done building this prototype out for edge cases etc. This project will now move on to review by its various stakeholders in order to best determine priority & schedule for implementation.

Prototype built in Figma. To try it yourself, you will need to be on a desktop device.
Press "R" in the lower right hand corner to start from the beginning.

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